Past Dance

I met her at a party, years ago and miles away. It was a short affair of only a few weeks. We were not each other's intended.

It was a warm night, with some small talk, some drinking, and R&B music playing. At some point we began to dance together. The first dances were fast. We were playful and sweaty.

After a couple of slower dances, swaying on the floor, surrounded by couples we did not know, she asked me quietly -- "would you like to take me home?"

I'd never been asked so directly, had never had the nerve to be so direct. I was surprised, I was flattered, and I was aroused. I don't remember exactly how I answered, but I'm sure I smiled and said "yes".

We did not leave at once. We continued the slow dance, holding each other more closely. I knew she felt my desire against her belly. She gave me a gift, then, by slowly rubbing against me, to let me know of her desire.

Although we were still clothed, our bodies began to feel naked. Although we had not yet kissed, we began to know intimacy.

I don't remember the details of how we spent our first night. I don't remember how our weeks were passed, just that they ended with a sigh, not a roar. I do remember her name, and her face, and that we were briefly good together.

And I remember that one frozen moment, when our agreements were made, when our intentions were clear, when the promise of the night was in front of us.