My lips met hers, lingered,
then slowly descended.
I moved softly down her neck,
feeling her pulse beneath warm skin.
The sound of her breath graced the quiet room.
Each inhalation filled her,
raising her breasts slightly.
I paused at the top of her right breast,
tracing a line of moisture with my tongue.
I tasted salt and sweat.
Her earthy aroma made my mouth water.
Reaching the nipple I drew it into my mouth,
just the slightest amount,
just enough to feel the tip meet my teeth.
Then I moved to the other breast,
and repeated the theme.
I counted her ribs with my lips,
her rounded belly against my chin.
I rubbed my nose in her navel.
I approached her lower lips.
The coarse hair was still damp from her bath.
My mouth gently tugged at her flesh,
just using lips to grasp,
adding to her moisture with my exhalations.
After an unhurried interval,
her hand stroked the top of my head,
guiding me to her center.
My tongue teased, then pushed at her hood.
The intake of her breath went on and on.
Then, like a roller coaster at its peak,