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As Doctor Placebo I claim to be essentially harmless. I'm not necessarily all that effective, but I don't have those nasty side effects, either. The name is also a reminder to myself to stay harmless.

I'm interested in science, technology, music, photography, love, fun, ethics, Hawaii (especially the Big Island) and (of course) Burning Man. I was born in New York City in 1950. I'm married since 1983. I live in Santa Cruz County, California.

Some material on this site may require an adult brain, but if you are looking for pornography then just keep moving along. Also, if you're looking for brilliant web design then you might try somewhere else. I write HTML by hand and I'm a bit lazy.

Yes, you can contact me here.

Quickly: Music Pictures Writing BED-archive

Hot Flashes
03 Jan 2016 After a long hiatus, new music: Neon Arc (5.9 MB).
21 Apr 2012 New music: blink-house (5.8 MB).
14 Oct 2011 BM 2011 pix up on Flickr.
18 Feb 2011 New music: Fast Camel (4.1 MB).
22 Dec 2009 Added Climate Change Links, collecting external links to climate change information.
23 Oct 2009 New QT movie: BM 2009 - the movie (163 MB).
19 Aug 2009 New music: Lemon Drop (5.7 MB).
23 Apr 2009 New music: Photon Fall (4.8 MB), Kelp Dive (5.7 MB), and Mixed Grill (5.7 MB).
18 Jun 2008 New music: Tangled String (5.8 MB).
20 Apr 2008 New music: Missing Mass (6.2 MB).
19 Oct 2007 New music: RedDirtSparx (6.0 MB).
04 Oct 2007 New music: Thoramin (4.7 MB).
21 Aug 2007 Saved BED documents for BM 2007 in the archive.
01 Aug 2007 Revised the welcome and music pages. Some new tunes for 2007 in preparation for Burning Man.
30 Apr 2007 New music: Cottonmouth (4.9 MB) and SlowCooked (5.5 MB).

Internal Links
Music Some compositions and some Reason demos.
Pictures Photography, mostly.
Writing Some short essays, some short semi-poetic stuff. Kinda like journal or blog, but way less frequent.
BED archive Hosting for BED documents

External Links
Burning Man Where I spend the end of summer
BED Bureau of Erotic Discourse
CLEU Conscious Life Ecumenical Union
Climate Links about Climate Change
No Rape Legal issues around sexual assault prevention
Reason My favorite electronic music software
Tribe One place I tend to hang out as dr-placebo.

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