BED Mission Statement - Bureau of Erotic Discourse

The Black Rock City Bureau of Erotic Discourse is a grass-roots organization of concerned participants who seek to help guard against incidents of sexual harassment and assault on the playa, and to maintain an environment where sex-positive free expression is not threatened by antisocial or predatory behavior. We will accomplish these goals through education, outreach, and entertainment. Our goal is to spread information about how citizens treat each other in Black Rock City - with communication and respect for the boundaries and freedom of every man and woman in equality. Drawing upon the creative, intelligent energies of the participants of Burning Man, we will seek to educate through workshops, “playshops”, educational parties and discussions, interactive theater and role playing, and on-site interventions. We will educate ourselves and others to be aware and observant of anti-social behaviors at Burning Man, and attempt to interact with and acculturate those who may be uninitiated or unaccustomed to a sexually charged and expressive environment. We will also be available to connect resources with those who need them, such as educating survivors of past sexual abuse to healers and counselors, on playa and off. We will interface with the Emergency Services Department (ESD) to connect victims of assault with helpful resources within the Burning Man infrastructure. We will also coordinate volunteers to visit events and camps and help observe any anti-social behaviors that might jeopardize the atmosphere of sexual freedom and expression for all, and address it in a non-violent, cooperative manner.